Into the Future with Ashok Leyland at the Auto Expo 2016

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How does a highly reputed six decade old world leader present themselves as leaders of the future, with the launch of their new range of high technology vehicles?

This was the task presented to Aura. To rid the company of its stodgy image and in its place unveil a sleeker, sharper contender.

Aura strove to reflect the theme “Into the Future” in every aspect of stand design, presentation, lighting, production quality and communication.

With 620 sq mtrs at the agency’s disposal, the stall veered closer to the other giants in the exhibition. However, three heavy vehicles alongside two others in the light and medium categories, totally to about 33 tonnes in all with the longest being almost 7 metres long, had to be strategically positioned to facilitate easy people flow and showcase individual features.

The cleverly designed stand, with its minimalistic structural elements simultaneously combined the grandeur of the company’s pedigree with its futuristic philosophy.

Silver Streak Shows the Way: One single 47.25 metre piece of fascia encased the entire space in a majestic swathe of silver (see pic below). Its high visibility from any angle any distance was made possible because this 2500kg band was suspended from strategically placed trusses.

Ashok Leyland Launch

An engineering feat without a doubt!

Proudly headlining the product range, the company name was flanked by in-lit design elements that silently proclaimed its new mandate.

The vehicles were showcased against a 46 metre backdrop, which was again thoughtfully designed by the agency to project the theme in a stark but yet voluble manner – complementing the products at every angle, and never distracting the visitor.

A world class troupe for a world class brand: The exhibition was heralded by a spectacular show by none other than the world famous Shiamak Davar’s troupe. Children – the future of the world, were chosen to launch the high tech school bus – The Sunshine Bus – in a dual bid to project both the futuristic theme and as the actual users of the new vehicle.

AutoExpoAura’s 14 years of experience in the event, exhibition and experience arena came into full force at this juncture because the launch involved the highly demanding task of using an Exhibition space to host an event.

30 lively energetic children waited within the wrapped bus waiting for the grand launch moment. While the covers were raised they danced forward and outward with expertise and precision, as can be expected from a troupe which has the international stature of a Shiamak Davar.

Simplicity requires the Maximum Effort:

A phrase that was brought to life during the production of this simple yet demanding stand design.

Working alongside the Aura team were Dream Factory, our Production Partner and Modern Stage Service our Technical Partner. It took the experience, presence of mind and creativity of all three partners to ably execute a stand of this nature that had to accommodate large and heavy vehicles, intelligent lighting, sturdy yet minimal infrastructure…the tasks were endless.

Futuristic technology to showcase Future Ready Vehicles:

Aura had designed Interactive kiosks with custom made apps that brought to life the technologies deployed in the products, at the touch of a finger! A swipe here, a tap there and lo! and behold everything you wanted to know about the workings of the vehicles were yours!

Privileged Partnerships:

It has been Aura’s honour to hold a long standing relationship with Ashok Leyland and to have partnered with them for a wide range of events right from product launches to dealers meets and award nights. As Siddarth Ganneriwala, CEO Aura put it, “This year was however special with us being chosen to showcase Ashok Leyland’s Gen Next range at the Auto Expo. It was indeed a privilege, a amazing learning experience and a truly great honour for the entire team.”

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