Protocol and inaugural events

Aura provides superior protocol and events management support that are tailored to your particular needs. Aura has successfully organized and coordinated several official inaugurations and visits including the visits by the President and Prime Minister of India and other chief dignitaries.

Any type of high profile event such as an arriving dignitary and other major events require an effective structure, a clearly defined strategy, committed staff, excellent logistics, strict financial control & sound project management, co-ordination, communication and flexibility. All these are parts of a very big jigsaw puzzle that have to come together to make the event a success.

The scale and complexity of planning for a Protocol event should not be underestimated. Each event requires a different overlay of security arrangements, planning and coordination activities.

Aura is highly equipped with the management and organizational talent, technological skills, research capability, and governmental experience necessary to successfully guide Protocol events.

Let us put our disciplined, targeted approach to work for you.